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Moving to a Home in Bay Bridge Cove From Out of State

September 16, 2019

At McKee Builders, we believe that where you live determines how you live. From the incredible Kent Island location to the laid-back charm of our 55+ community, we built Bay Bridge Cove to enhance your lifestyle every day. If you’re moving from out of state, we can’t wait to welcome you to your new hometown!

Once your McKee Builders home is all ready for you, you’ll prepare for your big move and think about getting acclimated to new scenery and new neighbors. Think of the first few days as “orientation” to the best years of your life! Take a look at a few of our favorite tips and tricks for moving and getting used to a new town:

Tips For Moving Across States

Find Customer Reviews Before You Move

When it comes to finding the best cross-state mover, customer reviews are your best friend. Make sure to go through each mover’s website as carefully as possible to understand exactly how they operate, as well as confirm “their insurance policy, inspection and tracking systems, as well as price differences.

Start Your Move Early

It never hurts to get an early start on your cross-state move. If you compare different moving quotes ahead of time, you can take advantage of deals and discounts, and avoid “fees and less options” when the time arrives. Weighing out your options keeps your finances (and your peace of mind!) in check.

Rent A Truck, and Get Help

Another option you have besides hiring a full-service moving company is to rent your own truck and seek out the help of a labor-only alternative, which is a service that helps you load and unload your belongings. If this option sounds right for you, check out this list of trustworthy companies that can accommodate you. 

Tip For Getting Acclimated to A New State

Find The Best Local Spots

Kent Island is waiting with open arms! Venture outside to explore the local spots and find your favorite go-to’s, from supermarkets to restaurants to coffee shops. A brand new environment may feel strange at first, but “testing the waters” will guarantee that you find what makes you most happy and comfortable.

Meet New People

Even if you’ve never been a social butterfly, meeting new people always opens up doors. Whether you like happy hour or community events (and neighborhood hangouts, of course) there’s something for you to enjoy with others who share your values and lifestyle habits. Who knows, you might meet your new best friends!

Get Outside and Explore

Being told to “get lost” isn’t usually positive, but we’re saying it with encouragement… Now that you’re here, you have a whole new world just outside your door. Why not explore everything there is to see without the worry of time or where you’re going? From bayside restaurants to breweries to bookstores, there’s so much to do and see — so get lost and love every moment of it! 

From all of us at McKee Builders, we wish you the happiest move of all! If you need any assistance moving or have questions about moving to Bay Bridge Cove from out of state, feel free to reach out to us

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